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Stories, Poems and Jokes

All sorts of pieces are collected here: some are meant to be funny, a couple are sad and serious, the rest are just thoughts and ideas. Most are quite short.

Anita's Rhymes for Children
A wonderful romp through the ridiculous by a writer with a vivid imagination and a definitely zany sense of humour.

Chicken Jokes
“Why did the chicken?” answered by various public figures
With recent and ongoing events, the humour here has worn a little thin. The author of this is unknown to me.

Dear Teacher
My definitions of some terms relating to English Grammar

The Dragon and the Princess
A short fairy tale

Egyptian Poem by Alex
Written when the class was studying Egypt

Fifty Word Fragments
Attempts to suggest a story in exactly fifty words

The Filing Assistant
With fond memories of dear old difficult DOS

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Yet another twist on the old favourite

Health and Beauty Quiz
The sort of thing you find in a magazine in the doctor's waiting room.
Not interactive, unfortunately, although I do keep thinking about it.

The Man
Short sketch on a pleasant life

Saying Goodbye to Rudi
Alex's farewell to a loved cat

Small Things
Thoughts on the hatching of quail chicks

Street of Empty Parents
On the loss of children; a poem

Winter Solstice
The way it may have been for people during the last ice age

The Yetti's Shoe
Concerning a strange shoe found in the Himalayas; a poem for children



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