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Stationery and Email

Email in Windows 7

When Stationery Won't Work Properly  |  Stationery Wizard in Outlook Express

Pictures Missing from Email in Outlook Express

Pictures Missing from Email in Windows Mail  |  Automatically Sort Incoming Mail

Font Demo  This shows that some fonts can be lost when you use them in your email.

Paths: Find Your Stationery Folder  |  Accidentally Distributing Email Addresses

Stationery Example to Save and Edit   Copy and paste, then learn how you can change it to use your own pictures, backgrounds and ideas.

How to Make Changes to Stationery Change the background, the picture and the width of the writing area.

Stationery Styles Change fonts, colours and borders.

Using Stationery Backgrounds Christmas pictures and a piece of Christmas stationery to save and use.

Christmas BackgroundsThese Christmas backgrounds fill the page as you hover over them. Save any or all to use in the Christmas stationery.

Heaps of Backgrounds to Save and Use Lots of colours, textures, and patterns. Florals, novelties, tartans and ginghams, tiny and subtle or big and bold.

Seamless Backgrounds   This detailed description of making a seamless tile has illustrations for every step. It also has a companion page with few pictures so that you can print without first buying an ink factory. These instructions are not about about art or design; they're about mechanics—about making a tile that matches seamlessly.

Backgrounds from Existing Pictures  Pretty forget-me-not background tiles.

Birthday Balloons Background Tiles



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