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Version with Pictures

Make Your Photos Suitable for Email  Sometimes JPG is the Wrong Choice  Take a Screen Shot

Paint Tutorials

Using Paint in Windows 98  Using Paint in Windows XP  Using Paint in Windows Vista  Using Paint in Windows 7 

Things You Can Do in Paint

Print a Full Page from Paint  Put a Border around a Page  A Compass Rose Made in Paint  Paint a Symmetrical Face  A Five-Petalled Flower  Make Your Own Gift Wrap  Symmetry—Make an object the Same on Both Sides  Eight-Petalled Flower in Paint 7 

About Vista Colours  Dithering  Zoom to the Place You Want 

Fancy Headings with Masks

Making Fancy Headings Use a Mask to Cut out a Fancy Heading  Fill a Heading with Diagonal Stripes  Make a Rainbow Heading  Make a Curved Rainbow to Fill Curved Text  Sit Some Text on a Curve  Make a Polka Dotted Background  Make Your Own Patterns to Fill Heading Text  Use Photo Snips and Spraycan Effects to Fill Text  Give Some Text an Outline 

Precise Shapes

Prepare a Workspace for Making Shapes and Cutouts in Paint How to Make a Guide Grid for Drawing Precise Shapes  Wheels and Concentric Circles  24 Precise Spokes for a Wheel  24 Spokes for a Wheel Using a Wingding Symbol  Attaching Spokes to a Drawing of a Bicycle Wheel  A Fancy Hub Cover  Draw Precise Hexagons  An Octagon—Point Up  An Octagon—Flat Side Up  A Six-Pointed Star  A Five-Pointed Star Using Wingdings  A Precise Five-Pointed Star  A Clockface 

Other Programs

Free Graphics Programs with Download Links  Getting Started with Helios Paint  Fancy Text with Helios Paint  Use Shapes and Rotation to Make Flowers with Helios Paint 



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