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NoteTab Light is an immensely useful text editor whose main purpose is probably the construction of web pages, but it could be used for any purpose where formatted text wasn’t wanted.

It has many glossaries, called “Clip Books”, of items which can be inserted with a double click. These include all the common tags for html. Just highlight a word or word group, double click the required entry, and the tags are correctly entered around the highlighted text. And if there’s a complex tag that you want for your own work, such as a reference to a particular bookmark, or a span of differently coloured text, you can add that to a list as well. Detailed instructions for making clips, including very complex ones with dialogue boxes and multiple choices, are given.

Ask Notetab to insert an image reference into your html and it enters width and height without your intervention, as well as prompting you for alt text.

The Help menu includes a comprehensive glossary of computer jargon. Click on a word or acronym in the list and the meaning appears in the program’s main window. The explanations are clear and easy to understand.

NoteTab has search and replace, drag and drop, word count and word frequency monitors, and a “Quick List” of all the documents you’ve been working on, so that you can easily move back and forth between two or more documents to insert links or copy text. Unlike NotePad, NoteTab doesn’t run out of puff because your html document is too long. Because you can turn off “Multiple Instances”, you can go back and forth between the face and coding of an html page without danger of finding that you’ve been editing two copies of the same page. Again unlike NotePad, NoteTab remembers where your insertion point was bobbing when you last closed the document, so there’s no need to scroll down to find the place where you were working.

Importantly, it does not, as some of the big web page editors have on occasion, make arbitrary and ruinous changes, such as pulling an essential script out of the head and putting it into the body. It’s the ideal editor for stationery.

There’s a pro version of NoteTab, which includes spell checking and a thesaurus. After using the Light version for over a year, I registered and am very happy with the Pro version.


To get a copy of this extremely useful software, go to this site.



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