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Using Pictures from the Web

While you're looking at web pages, you'll often see a picture that you'd like to use. You might want to include it in an email, or print it out. You might want to use it as a background for a web journal page, or as a “sig” in a forum.

Some sites have a notice asking you not to use their material. That's easy enough to understand. It may have taken time and skill to create. In fact, unless a site specifically says that you can use their stuff, everything on the web is copyright.

Some sites, like this one, are quite happy for you to save and use web graphics—provided that you do just that.

Save them onto your own computer before you do anything else with them.

If you create a “hot link”, so that a picture on one website can be seen somewhere else, you're stealing bandwidth. Every time someone looks at your page, journal, forum entry or whatever, the owner of the other web site has some of their bandwidth used up. If yours is a popular page, it costs that other person a lot of bandwidth, so please don't hotlink from this—or any other—site. Save the picture and then upload it, and everyone will be happy.

P.S. Re-using photographs of people, or scans of children's art work—anything personal—is never good form.

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