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All very old and maybe on the quaint side, but rather than remove them altogether, I've tidied them a bit and left them in.

Battleships     Sink the computer's fleet before it sinks yours.
Because this depends on graphics, it takes a while to load. It's worth the wait. (Opera doesn't show a grid, but your shots still count.)

Concentration: Animal Pictures

Concentration: Fabric Scraps   Find all the matching pieces of fabric in my scrapbag

French     Ask a few questions and have the computer translate them into French. Amusing!

Guess a Number   You suggest a range of numbers, the computer secretly chooses a number, then you try to guess what that number is.

Hangman     All of the solutions are either countries or capital cities. When you win, you are given statistics of the relevant place. (Although they're at least ten years out of date by now!)

Maths Test   Quick problems in simple arithmetic. Choose easy, moderate or difficult and add, subtract, multiply or divide.

Poke Invaders     A Java Script version of the old favourite "Space Invaders". It may not have amazing graphics, but it's just as hard to shoot the space ships out of the sky! You do it all with the mouse.

Same Game   Remove every ball from the screen.

Secret Codes     Write a message and the computer will encode it for you.
You can copy and print the result.

It seems ungrateful to include these games without credit to their authors. However, site and email addresses accompanying them hardly ever work. Perhaps they've been spammed too often.



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