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Bookmarks and Favorites  Folder Views in Windows 7 Hotlinking  Obscured Addresses  Links To Help With Word 2007 Problems  Nasty Stuff  Printing from Web Pages  Viewing Web Pages Differently  Translate Some Text  Web Mail 

The Sendto Menu  Settings in XP  Making and Nesting Shortcuts  What is a "Path" in the Computer  The Start Button  Start—Search  Start—Control Panel—Settings  The Task Bar 

Back up Your Files  Fields in a Word Processor  File Types  Headers and Footers  Maintenance—98 only  Manipulating Windows  Computer Memory or RAM  NoteTab—Text and HTML Editor  Penny Wise (2002)  Protective Programs  Using Publisher 3  Restore—Windows 98  Setting up Your Screen Saver  Word Processors 

Links to Short Descriptions below

Backing up Your Work  |  Fields  |  File Types  |  Headers and Footers
Hidden Extras  |  Memory  |  Moving and Sizing Windows  |  NoteTab
Paths to Files and Folders  |  Printing from the Web  |  Screensaver
Screen settings in XP  |  Screen Shots  |  SendTo Menu  |  Shortcuts  |  Start Button Start Button (part 2)  |  Start Button (part 3)  |  The Taskbar
Viewing Web Pages Clearly  |  Volume Control  |  Word Processors

Links to Pages

Backing up Your Work   I prefer to back up in my own way, so that I can find and restore things easily. If you want to use the built-in back up in Windows, click the Start button, click Help and Support, type back up into the search box and click the arrow.

Fields   Using fields in a word processor to insert file name, title of story, number of pages or number of words.

File Types   A brief explanation of the significance of the three letters after the dot in a file name.

Headers and Footers   The importance of using headers and footers correctly.

Hidden Extras   Word processed documents include invisible information about your computer and may also include words and passages you've deleted.

Memory   What is computer “memory”? How do you make the most of it?

Moving and Sizing Windows   You don't have to accept the size at which program or folder windows open. You can change their size and shape and you can move them around your screen. This page is obviously old, but the directions still apply.

NoteTab   A text editor with heaps of features. Ideal for anyone writing stationery or web pages.

Paths to Files and Folders A "path" tells the computer exactly where to find a particular file, folder, or program. This explains how it works.

Printing from the Web   This deals with some problems in printing particular pages.

Screensaver   Setting up a screen saver, Marquee for messages, "My Pictures" slide show, Power management   top

Screen settings in XP   Make your XP desktop and windows look the way you prefer.

Screen Shots   Make a permanent record of an error message, or send a picture of a troublesome window to a person who's helping you.

SendTo Menu   Change it to your liking. Explains how to remove unwanted items to a safe place and how to add items that you need to have on the menu.

Shortcuts   Some programs automatically put shortcuts on your desktop, and there are dozens in the Start menu, but you can also make and manage your own shortcuts and have instant access to your favourite programs.  

Start Button   Shut down, Log off, Run, Help.

Start Button (part 2)   Search/Find. When you know that you wrote about a certain topic, but you can't remember what you named the document, and you just can't find it anywhere, take a few simple steps and Windows will find it before you finish a single game of Freecell.

Start Button (part 3)   Control Panel. Accessibility Options, Add New Hardware, Add/Remove Programs, Windows Setup, Automatic Updates, Display, Folder Options, Fonts, Keyboard and Mouse, Security Centre, Sounds and Volume Control, Performance and Computer Information.

The Taskbar   Discussing the different parts of the Windows taskbar and how to use them.  

Viewing Web Pages Clearly   Directions for altering the size of text when you are looking at web pages.

Volume Control   If you've lost the yellow speaker icon from the sys tray, these directions should help you to get it back.

Word Processors   Learn to use your word processor properly and save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

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